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Mile High's Wine of the Week: August 27th
Dominio de Punctum Lagasca 2013
Regular Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $9.99
Sale End: 8/30/2015
Dominio de Punctum Lagasca 2013

With the big Labor Day holiday rapidly approaching we thought this would be a great time offer you a killer deal on a rich Spanish red that is perfectly suited to pairing with just about everything you could think to grill. The 2013 Dominio de Punctum “Lagasca” is composed mostly of the classic Spanish red grape, Tempranillo. You all know and love Tempranillo for it’s rich earthy style and lush notes of candied red cherries and sweet tobacco. But this organic blend also features about 30% of Petite Verdot which explodes from the glass with intense notes of blueberry jam, game, violets, and wood smoke. The palate delivers a nice pop of tannin that makes it perfect for pairing up with fatty foods like blue cheese studded bison burgers or grilled whole wheat pizzas with cured chorizo and roasted red peppers. We love the way that the Lagasca coats the inside of the palate with luscious fruit and spice and we’re really excited to share it without you this evening at our free tasting bar. We sold out of this one really quickly the last time we featured it and we’re really excited to have finally gotten some more back in stock.
On to the Tasting Notes:
I love Spanish wine and this week we have a really fun one on offer! The 2013 Lagasca from Dominio de Punctum is bold and brash and jam packed with character. From the moment you pull the cork you’ll be enthralled with all the layers and style that it offers. The nose is smoky and meaty. Smelling it makes me want a burger real bad! As you get used to the smokiness you’ll begin to notice some other cool scents as well. I get wilted violets and medium roast coffee as well as a touch of underbrush as it swirls around in my large tasting glass. I don’t doubt that you’ll find even more aromatics as you swirl and sniff too. As I go in for a sip I’m instantly overwhelmed by rich ripe fruit. There’s no question that this is a big fruit driven wine. It begins with blueberry jam and black currants soaked in brandy. Then as it passes from the entry to the mid-palate I get gobs of over-ripe blackberries and a touch of mocha. The finish is surprisingly long considering the modest cost and it offers up notes of crushed granite, tobacco leaf, cinnamon, and blueberry liqueur. The acidity is fairly modest which is no surprise considering how juicy and ripe it is but it does feature some very nice tannic structure in an effort to make it really food friendly.
Food Pairing:
One of my favorite ways to church up and ordinary hamburger is to let some creamy blue cheese come up to room temperature and then mix it with some really finely diced shallots at a ratio of about 75% cheese and 25% shallots by volume. When my burgers are just about done I take a nice big spoonful of that mix and plop it right down on top of them so that it can melt just a little bit. That always seems like a nice way to take an average cheeseburger and make it something special without a whole lot of extra effort. And, while it’s kind of messy, sometimes I’ll take that same mix and slather it onto ears nice hot grilled corn right after it comes off the grill. You’d be amazed at how nicely the bleu cheese starts to work it’s way into the little crevices between the kernels. Why not have some friends over this weekend and open a couple of bottles of the Lagasca to pair up with just such a spread?
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This price expires 8/30/2015 at 6pm and is limited to in-store quantities.
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