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Mile High's "Wine of the Week": September 17th
Cantine Paradiso Sant’ Andrea Primitivo 2019
Regular Price: $17.99
Sale Price: $10.99
Sale End: 9/20/2020
Cantine Paradiso Sant’ Andrea Primitivo 2019

Southern Italian wine is all about fun. This week’s special is a fantastic 90 Point Primitivo from the “heel of the boot” in Puglia. Primitivo shares a lot of genetic material with Zinfandel and that comparison feels quite apt when you get a big glass of the 2019 Sant’ Andrea from Cantine Paradiso. The nose requires no coaxing to give up fabulous scents of cherry hard candies, fresh plucked rose petals, cedar, and cinnamon. Swirl it all around and it just keeps on going, delivering more and more engaging aromatics with each passing moment. Sip it and delight in the exuberantly ripe fruit that you only get in a warm climate like Puglia. Bountiful flavors of cherry pie filling, raspberry preserves, and kirsch liqueur are neatly accented by stylish hints of cracked pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, dry cedar, and warm graham cracker pie crust. The palate has big volume and plenty of intensity of ripe fruit but it’s still a really classic Old World Red. The finish is dry and shows nice earth and spice. It’s fruity, that’s for sure, but it’s not that sneaky sweet junk that you all too often see coming out of California. This is the real stuff! Pair this beauty up with a piece of homemade pizza and you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven!
Food Pairing:
We often think of Chianti when we’re looking for a pairing for pasta with red sauce, pizza, or lasagna. Chianti is nice and all but it’s not the best fit for those dishes because Sangiovese is too high in acidity which makes it fight with the acidity in the tomatoes. What you really want for pairing with red sauce is something juicy, ripe, and peppery like this week’s special, the Primitivo “Sant’ Andrea” from Cantine Paradiso. You can certainly sip this one alone and delight in all that juicy berry fruit but it’s most at home served in a jelly jar alongside a slice of your favorite to-go pizza a little Greek side salad.
You MUST mention this special or print it out to receive the price on the above wine.
This price expires 9/20/2020 at 6pm and is limited to in-store quantities.
No rain checks given. Call (303) 936-0272 to reserve bottles with a credit card.


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